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Theatre breaks are something that has become increasing popular in recent years as they are a great way to get to the theatre and London. For most people a trip to London tends to be quite expensive and if you add the price of a theatre ticket on top of that then you will are looking at a price that’s probably a bit too much for most people. This is why theatre breaks are great; they allow you to book your accommodation and theatre tickets together; at a discounted price. Due to the increase in the popularity of theatre breaks all theatre shows in the west end offer the ability to be booked as a theatre break; which means you still have all the choice of the shows. This is also the same for a lot of the hotels; and this is great because the west end covers a large portion of the city; it means there is a variety in the locations of the hotels.

The west end covers a number of popular area’s such as Covent Garden; a great place for shopping, watching their famous street performers and for taking a rest as they have a great variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee shops. It also covers the popular shopping areas of Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street; this is great for those of you wanting to hit the shops as these are the three major shopping streets. The west end also covers Westminster; this means you can be just are short walk from some of the city’s major attractions such as; Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace; you might even catch the changing of the guards!

As well as booking your theatre tickets and accommodation theatre breaks also allow you to add on a number of extra’s; so you can really tailor make your trip to suit you and your party. Firstly you if you are looking at traveling to London via train you are able to get a discount towards your rail tickets when booking a theatre break. You are also able to add on a number of extra things such as;

Theatre meals – this will be before an evening theatre performance or after for a matinee performance. There are a number of restaurants that offer theatre meals; they often have a particular menu to order off; but as there are so many you still have plenty of choice.
Drinks before/during the performance – this is at the theatre bar, you are able to have drinks awaiting your arrival or during the performance at the interval time. Booking in advance means you miss all the queues and it gives you that bit of a VIP treatment.
As well as theatre related additional that you can add onto your break that aren’t to do with the theatre but are instead more tourist type activities. These are great for those of you who want to see the city as well as seeing a show. Some of the attractions you can include in your theatre break include;

Tickets to the London Dungeons
Tickets to the Tower of London
River boat cruises along the River Thames
Dinner at the Shaud; where you will get the best view of the city
A trip to Madame Tussauds
Tickets for an open roof top bus tour
A tour of the famous Shakespeare Globe theatre
London Zoo tickets
Tickets to Kensington Palace state apartments – Where Princess Diana once lived.
These are just some of the great examples of things you can include on your theatre break and juts a few examples of some of the great things you can do. Theatre breaks are made by you to suit you and your party which means they can be a great trip for anyone; families, friends or couples!

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